Expected: A Sense of Security

In a new political climate in a future America, Congress mandates an artificial intelligence with the mission of achieving the best for all Americans. The AI ​​analyzes the situation, bans all weapons and creates an anti-weapon system. This consists of drones with electric shock weapons that assist civilians, police and army. All firearms are taken, disassembled and melted down. Ammunition is becoming extremely rare.

Jared, father of a victim of the latest school shooting incident, discovers that hit man Wayne is eliminating politicians one by one without using weapons. Jared does not receive any support from the police or military, and the anti-weapon system does not help him. Who will stop a murderer now? Who is the client for this? Jared learns the limitations of the anti-weapon system through weapons expert Archie.

In this political situation the young Senator Mitch stands up who wants to replace the second amendment with a new amendment. He sets in motion a political process in which the people themselves vote through the House of Representatives, the Senate and a Civic Convention in all states. Will the Americans opt for the new amendment?

Since the US military does not appear to have any weapons, the president of Mexico decides to reclaim California and Texas. Mexico invades America and the anti-weapons system does not intervene. Politicians threaten with nuclear weapons. Why is the anti-weapon system not defending the country?

Walt Whitley against the Federal Government of the United States is sued up to the Supreme Court, eventually returning Walt his personal gun. What is Walt going to shoot at?

The Anti-Weapons System is a novel that questions the impasse in American politics, the right to gun ownership and the amount of weapons in the USA. Along with solving a series of murder cases of involved politicians, it suggests political, military and legal solutions that can emerge in the new political climate.

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