Mastering Scrivener Themes – E-book

The most comprehensive reference book about creating Themes for Scrivener 3

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This book presents all the secrets of creating Themes going far beyond changing colors and settings in the Appearance Options dialog or even the QSS Stylesheet.

The book digs deeper in creating Themes than any other tutorial or video. It tells you what you need, how to start and what to change to create your Themes.

Dig deep into the QT 6 platform, the developers used to write the software, and gather relevant information, comprehensible when you’re not a programmer.

Produce the best possible environment to complete your Work in Progress. Mastering Scrivener Themes includes checklists for Testing and suggestions for Sharing your creation.

Do you know when creating Scrivener Themes, you can:

    • have clearly visible arrows for opening and closing Binder branches?
    • update the highlight color in the Binder?
    • see a Binder with only one continuous background color?
    • color the MenuBar and ToolBars to match the rest of the User Interface?
    • reach modern scrollbars, occupying less space?
    • create alternating rows colors in the Binder?
    • create triangular tab shapes instead of rounded tabs?
    • apply gradients in your Theme?
    • animate the Binder expanding and collapsing?
    • update Icons, so they contrast better with background colors?
    • tear off menus and use them as separate windows?
    • place tabs along all sides of a tab pane?
    • create vertical Sliders when it’s more logical to do so?
    • create vertical ProgressBars just for fun?

For the price of few cups of coffee, you will acquire the know-how of building Scrivener Themes that surpass almost every other Theme. When you want your digital writing environment just as comfortable as your writing environment in the real world, this book provides all information necessary to reach that goal.

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E-book format

ePub3, Kindle KF8, Kindle Mobi


macOS, Windows 10, Windows 11


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