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Creation of e-books

Are you experiencing difficulties creating an e-book? Are you having trouble making an eBook from your InDesign, Scrivener, or Word document? I’ll guide you to an ePub3 for Kobo Writing Life, or a Kindle eBook for Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing.
Keep in mind that e-books usually don’t have page numbers, headers, or footers and that commonly fonts and font sizes are determined by e-reader users.

A flow layout for novels and a fixed layout for books with many images are possible. A few images are no problem, but a book with dozens of images e-book will be more expensive.

For a comprehensive overview of elements of an e-book that make the book look professional, read the article What makes an e-book professional? Wat maakt een e-boek professioneel?

Fill out the E-book intake form if you would like me to create your e-book. A quote depends on the complexity of your book.

Other questions? Contact us via the contact form.

Antoni works quickly and accurately. If he encounters a problem for which a solution is not immediately available, he will look for a way to solve the problem. I'm glad he overhauled my ebooks and very pleased with the results.

Sophia Drenth

Writer of the Bloedwetten series.


Publishing e-books

Are you having problems publishing your e-book? Filling out the forms at Kobo Writing Life or Kindle Direct Publishing can become an endless exercise without proper preparation:

    • Do you have a cover of the right quality?
    • Is your cover the right size?
    • Which categories should you choose?
    • Do you have to work with those age groups?
    • What is a good blurb?

I’ll help you find the right material and guide you in the publishing process. If you want, I can also take over the whole process for you.

Mail your question via the contact form, so I can estimate what the issues are and where the obstacles appear.

Other questions? Contact us via the contact form.

The e-book looks very good! Chapeau! Thank you very much for all your efforts. You have delivered quality, even though it must have cost you a lot of effort.

Renée Belloni

Writer of The sun is his eyes..

An ebook of your short story! Who wouldn’t want that? You can sell the e-book through your website or offer it for free as a Reader Magnet.

As an introductory service, I will convert your story up to
10,000 words into an e-book for only £ 9.95 or $9,99.

After you supply the text, the blurb, and (material for) a cover yourself. You will receive a complete e-book in return by e-mail in a couple of days.

Get in touch now via the contact form or fill out the e-book intake form with less than 10,000 words.

See the example “Fabelplaats” by Mariëlle Douma below.

The amount of €9.95 is exclusive of VAT. Your story must be written in English and contains few or no images.

Design of book in­teriors

The layout of the inside of a book is painstaking and patient work. Organizing your book’s interior yourself can be a frustrating affair if you don’t have the tools to do it professionally.

I can help you by formatting your book in InDesign for a printer or a publishing platform. Send in your text and indicate your preferences and I will provide you with a proof. After one or more rounds of corrections, you will receive a print-ready PDF, which you only need to deliver to your printer or publishing platform.

Fill in the intake form for book interiors if you want me to do your inside work. A quote depends on the complexity of your book.

Other questions? Contact us via the contact form.

It is a pleasure to work with Antoni! He takes you through the process of preparing for printing and gives you advice on the various choices available. For me it was a godsend that Antoni could not only take care of the book's interior, but also wanted to make some adjustments to the design of the cover.

Elmar Otten

Writer of Wildfire.

Design of book covers

Book covers always need special attention. The three-millimeter bleed is manageable, but how do you determine the spine thickness? How do you design a spine that always fits? How do you deliver a cover for a publishing platform? For Amazon in US sizes? Or in metric millimeters for European platforms and printers?

I can help by integrating all elements of your cover in InDesign optimally. Adjustments to the dimensions or spine thickness are no problem. I provide a cover file that is accepted by the printer or publishing platform without any problems. You will receive a digital proof to check if everything is to your satisfaction. Any corrections afterward are included in the price.

A quote depends on the complexity of your cover. Fill out the intake form for covers if you would like me to design your cover.

Other questions? Contact us via the contact form.

Antoni has taken on the production of the anthology under his publisher imprint io, which he also uses to publish his own books. He also designed the interior and cover.

Anna Mattaar

Co-writer of Worlds Awaken.

Testing your author's website

Is your website as an author optimal? I have twenty years of experience with websites and can judge your site on effectiveness. I test the functioning of the current site and give you kudos for what is good and advice on what could be improved.

You will receive a report with the results of the research into areas for improvement of your author’s website. But you are not committed to anything: it is up to you whether you accept my advice and how you implement the improvements.

Don’t let your website get in the way of success as an author.

A regular survey with a report with results costs £50. For a more detailed investigation and report, please contact us via the contact form.

Other questions? Contact us via the contact form.

You can view my Portfolio with screenshots of assignments and results.