SketchFlow Behavior CheatSheets

The SketchFlow Behavior CheatSheets make it easier to use the Conditional Navigation and the Global State Behaviors for SketchFlow prototypes.

Personally, I think that not enough Behaviors for Blend and SketchFlow are available, but luckily Christian Schormann recently presented some SketchFlow Behaviors that make Conditional Navigation and Global States possible in SketchFlow prototypes. For my workshop on SketchFlow for PICNIC09, I created two CheatSheets in SketchFlow, because working with Behaviors is too complex to explain quickly in a workshop. Since the workshops are done, I’d like to share these CheatSheets with you so you can learn quickly how to use the behaviors Christian created.

ConditionalNavigationCheatSheet GlobalStateCheatSheet

The Conditional Navigation behaviors enables you to navigate to a different screen based on a TargetScreen variable that is set using events in the interface.

The Global State behavior is similar but makes it possible to navigate to a screen that shows a particular state, depending on a GlobalState variable, setting the state.

If you can’t reach a result using these cheatsheet, please read the explanation from Christian on his blog. Check out the CheatSheets and enjoy using SketchFlow!